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From the hotel’s front door you are literally a few steps from Philipsburg’s many famous, and a few infamous, attractions. Candy, jewelry, restaurants, microbrewery and coffee bars are a few doors down. The town’s historic Opera House and excellent museums, and an Art Gallery are a half-block away. And the compact three block downtown also includes seven antiques stores, fun old saloons and dozens of stunning old buildings that reflect “P-burg’s” rip-roaring history as one of the West’s great mining centers.

So if your goal is to step back

in time and drink in the charm of

old Montana, there is no better

place to plan your stay than in the

center of friendly Philipsburg.

Now if you’re after another kind

of experience, The Broadway is

also a perfect base for adventure

in the pristine high country. A few

minutes out of Philipsburg puts

you into literally thousands

of square miles of national forest

and wilderness. The towering peaks of the Pintler Range and the rolling hills of Big Sky country beckon anyone who wants to experience some of America’s finest fishing, hunting, hiking or the roaring silence of the remote mountains.