Effective July 15, 2020 Governor Steve Bullock has issued a mandatory directive that face masks are required for certain indoor spaces, where there are 4 or more active cases of Covid-19 in any county to help slow the spread of the virus in Montana. To insure the safety of all our guests at The Broadway Hotel, we will be requiring all our guests to wear a face mask when in the common areas of the hotel. We understand that some may have health issues that prevent them from wearing a mask and other people may choose not wanting to wear one. People who cannot wear a mask because of medical issues can stay at the hotel but only be in the common areas when no-one else is present. You can advise our front desk if you need to arrive early for breakfast or later and you will be accommodated. You may visit our lounge area only when it is empty of other guests. If you will not wear a mask by choice, we do ask you not to make a reservation with us at this time.


We appreciate everyone's cooperation during this difficult time. Safety for all our guests is a top priority for us.

The COVID-19  pandemic has affected all of us. We want to assure our guests we are open and ready to welcome you to The Broadway Hotel. The hotel continues to take all precautions available to keep the hotel disinfected and safe for our guests and staff. The hotel exceeds and follows state and federal safety guidelines during the pandemic. We invite you to come and enjoy the Pintler Mountains and the beauty bestowed on our wonderful little town.


(Please note: Rates subject to change)

What a beautiful sight all through the Flint Creek Valley, with all the trees changing colors and the amazing sunrises and sunsets it definitely feels like fall. The Pintler mountain range looks beautiful with some snow on the peaks. The Philipsburg Brewery will be celebrating their Oktoberfest  this year with a fun packed three days of beer filled events, great food and music starting October 9-11, 2020 at The Springs location. Friday October 9th will be a support night for The Philipsburg Ice Association in which they will be auctioning off a mug club membership for The Philipsburg Brewery.

If you are looking for a wonderful getaway make Philipsburg your destination and The Broadway Hotel your choice for all your lodging needs. Located in the heart of the downtown we are within easy access of all town merchants.

We will be posting local events to our Face Book page. If you have not visited our page before, we would appreciate if you would click on it and "Like". Thank you!

103 West Broadway

Philipsburg, Montana

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